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Basement Remodeling

Many of us grew up with dark, damp basements. Sometimes they were semi-finished with a couch and a horrifying furnace hidden away somewhere. Sometimes they were just a pit where your parents threw holiday decorations during off seasons.

This does not have to be the case! Finishing a basement turns it into a valuable part of your home that you can use for anything you can imagine.

Basement Remodeling

Many Options

Your basement can be the most stylish space in your home. Think of it as your home away from home—a getaway where either children, or adults, can go to play.

Wine Cellar and Bar

Your basement, with its naturally cool temperature, is a great space for a small wine cellar. In the main room, set up a bar. When you entertain guests, you can have pre- or post-dinner drinks in this new, custom space.

Home Gym

The basement temperature is also great for working out in. Save on a gym membership and construct your own private workout getaway!

Basement Remodeling
Basement Remodeling

Home Theater

Movie tickets, snacks, drinks… the costs sure do add up for one night out. Invest in a home theater to have the perfect movie experience in the comfort of your own home.

Kids' Play Room

Toys can be cumbersome to deal with and take over your house. Why not dedicate a space to your kids enjoyment with a play room!

When you come to Offer & Associates for your basement finishing needs, you’ll be presented with great ideas and quality workmanship.

We’ll get your project done quickly and properly so that it lasts. Call us today for a free quote!