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What's the best way to take your home to the next level? Hire Offer & Associates to build an addition onto it! Whether you build out or up, our dedicated team of skilled craftsmen love expanding homes seamlessly.

Family room additions, second story additions, in-law suites or expansions on an already existing room - the sky's the limit! If you're uncertain of what you need, aside from space, our team would be happy to work with you to figure out the best addition for your unique home.

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Expand, Don't Move

Does your growing family need space? Do you work from home and lack a proper office? If you've been thinking about moving, we recommend you consider expanding your home first. Room additions allow you to add a custom space built for you, by you, without having to entirely uproot yourself, or family.

When you buy a home you love, you're not always guaranteed to continue needing a home that size. Don't leave a space you've settled in when you can add to it and make it even better.


The Process

If you're feeling stifled within your own home, it's time for a change. Maybe you don't have enough space in a particular room, or you're missing a room entirely. No matter what the case is, one call to Offer & Associates and we can start the design process.

We work closely with architects, if you do not already have one, to put your ideas on to paper. From there, we provide a line by line snapshot of the work that needs to be completed. Next, we meet to discuss the interior design plans and features. When everything is in order, we can start the renovation. Our Project Manager will be in touch with you every step of the way. In the case of a second story home addition, don't be concerned about any damage being done to the home. We demolish carefully with all structural considerations in mind and protect the rest of your home as we build up.

Out, up and away! Call Offer & Associates to get started on your home additions today!